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Creative Director & Senior designer

About me


During my career in marketing and design, I've been challenged with various creative projects and collaborated with an array of talented people.


These experiences have opened my mind and heightened my curiosity about fields and industries I knew nothing about. I have learned to adapt and develop skills to communicate effectively with any type of customer and collaborator. Understanding each project's specifics is crucial for its success. My fresh and candid perspective is an asset to creating customer-centric solutions for the final targetted audience. 

​​Creative problem-solving with a customer-centric perspective

+ Planning, mapping, and mission-leading skills optimized to bring back everyone satisfied (no search party necessary)

+ Strong appetite for up-to-date and well-organized communication exchanges (with color tabs and folders)

+ Good eye for details and out-of-place pixels

+ A head full of mostly relevant pop-culture quotes and references

+ Constant craving for trends & industry innovation

+ A sprinkle of digital tools dexterity

Resulting in well-led marketing, design, and digital projects from brief to delivery for happy customers with thriving businesses.

Over 12 years experience :


My fairy godmother

gave me plenty of skills

  • Multi-disciplinary designer - (branding, UI&UX design, product & packaging design, merchandising, commercial space design...)

  • Marketing Strategist - (Definition & implementation of marketing strategies for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C, operational marketing actions (inbound & outbound), benchmarking, customer journey definition, purchasing behavior studies...)

  • Digital Project Management  through multiple methods (lean, scrum/agile methods, design thinking, Kanban, Gantt ...) and a good understanding and knowledge of web development platforms and tools (WordPress, Magento, Shopify, InVision, SEO…)

  • User experience  specialist - for both online and IRL spaces (e-commerce, media platform, community forum, boutiques, showrooms, hypermarket, farmer’s market…)

  • Content creation - visual & copy for online and print purposes ( editorial planning, social networks, emailing campaign platforms, print design...)

  • Team leader - the ability to collaborate, train, and recruit professionals of various backgrounds and skills in an international environment 


Spoken languages

Professional experiences

Français - Mother tongue

Anglais - Fluent

Chinois - Intermediary ( HSK3 level )

Creative Director, Project Manager & Brand specialist - since Jan. 2015

Freelance, Shanghai (CHINA), Istanbul (TURKEY), Lyon (FRANCE)

Marketing & Design Manager  - Sept. 2011- Dec. 2014

SCR Global (now ASI solutions), Shanghai (CHINA)

Marketing junior project Manager -Oct. 2010 - May 2011

DSM Research , Shanghai (CHINA)


2014 -  ASIT professional certification -

Design thinking method and tools -

Solid Creativity workshop, Shanghai (CHINA)


2010 - Masters' in Marketing -

Université Lyon III (FRANCE)


2008- Fashion design bachelor -

 ESMOD International, Lyon (France)

Some results

2021- During Wovid Diaries' first year, we interviewed more than 250 women worldwide. In 2021, Wovid Diaries was invited to represent women's voices at several speaking events, including Dubai's Hack for Earth Hackathon.


2017, 2018, and 2020- my illustration proposals won the New Year greeting card bid from Puteaux City Hall (France).


2018-As the winner of Madrid's logo competition held by the city hall, my logo represents Madrid-made products abroad.


2016- Only 1 year was needed to optimize Lalu Raw Beauty's marketing, branding, and product line to industrially produce and sell 5 of its skin products according to China regulations.


2015- Within a year, FamilyPlug had enough users to reimburse the app development fully, and 12 hospitals in the USA, and Europe were promoting and integrating the app into their general systems.


2014- As a result of the original concept, 150 CityXpress convenient stores were opened throughout 


2014- It took 6 months for the new O2O Homes-up (Adéo Group) showroom concept to be profitable and finance a second showroom twice as big.


2013- As a result of selling out of its first line of four products, the French Licensee of Laguiole ordered ten items for its second order of small home appliances.


2012- Our new in-store experience concept increased sales by 20% in Carrefour Malaysia's textile department and 15% in Carrefour Indonesia’s textile department following their renovations.  


Cheers to these!

"The companies which will succeed tomorrow
are those that encourage creativity today."

- Maurice Zeldman

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