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Project: Branding, packaging design + retail design

Delivery: Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Advice for the adaptation of the concept to the shop

Agency: Beau Concept

Date: Summer 2017

01 - Mission

Shop open on Changsha lu No. 1 x Fengyang lu, Huangpu, Shanghai


Kelly Huang contacted me as part of the creation of a new café concept, which she wanted to dedicate to healthy breakfast, for people living in the People Square neighborhood, in Shanghai. She wanted to offer nourishing and comforting food at the best possible price. Indeed, in China, executives, workers, students, have the habit of having their breakfast outside their home.



02 - From brand identity & collaterals....

We worked together to create a modern and fun branding for Mix-up. By playing with strong and contrasting colors, we made sure that the storefront would be noticed in the street and on social networks.

Everything was carefully thought through. Until the custom made icons designed to go with every coffee options available at the shop, to facilitate communication with customers.

03 - ... to the Store front & packaging

I worked remotely with Kelly's team to ensure print and communication tools were ready for the set date of the shop launch. The overall project was done in 2 weeks, with strong and pro-active collaboration with the Shanghai-based team.

Consistency, all the way to the packaging design - With so many products to market and new flavors introduced each week, I worked to imagine a brand identity with many icons to fit the needs of the store. We worked on a minimal packaging concept through stickers. An easy to use solution, for their glass and plastic containers, meeting the hygiene standards for takeaway.

04 - Communication tools for offline & online purposes

Online and Offline Communication - From logo to templates for social networks (Wechat especially), I created the tools for Kelly and her team to manage their overall communication independently.

Created in graphics software (illustrator and photoshop), I converted each template to PowerPoint version, to make sure they could edit them, as they please.