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Family Plug

Project: Creative Direction, visual designer + UI&UX designer

Delivery: Branding Identity + Ready-to-print marketing collaterals + UI&UX design + App design

Agency: Beau Concept

Date: Spring 2015

01 - Mission

The app is available on both Google Play + Apple platform and website is online at www.familyplug.healthcare

FamilyPlug - is a communication App dedicated to immobilized patients, due to a severe medical condition, and their close ones. It allows smartphones and tablets to become auto-playing, communication devices, without exterior assistance. As such, long term patients are never left alone, no matter where they are hospitalized or for how long. Family and friends can provide care anytime and from anywhere, and be an active part of their healing process.

With a very personal story behind the concept, Mattia contacted me through word of mouth. He had the need of someone who could accompany him throughout his first steps as a startup and ensure that his project would be taken seriously by investors.



Most existing communication platforms have software architecture that places network management at the forefront while placing the conversation elements, whether text, video or images as the second layer. Therefore, in order to fully enjoy these tools, it’s necessary to be able to interact with a device.


FamilyPlug wanted to place the conversation (Video, Audio or text message) at the forefront of the app, allowing us to develop an auto-play system enabling a user or patient to receive messages without having to interact with the device.

02 - Moodboard

Our first step was to research and create a clear plan, concerning how the look and feel of his startup would have a direct impact on his business but also his product: the actual app.

A lot of things were to be taken into consideration:

- A  clean look to be taken seriously

- Colors that wouldn’t be associated with hospital care, as to integrate into a family and friends lives without too much reminding of what their close one was going through

- Shapes and designs that could adapt to ensure consistency on paper, mobile, tablet and website.

A timeless effect to ensure neither would have to be redesigned too soon.

03 - Rebranding

A lot were to develop, and first founding to gather, he had created a logo and the first version of visual identity on his own. As the project moved forward, it became clear that both website and rebranding needed to be done at the same time, to ensure consistency.

We very soon came in the need for customized icons. As the app was planned to get an alternative approach on some classic tech tools (cloud storage …) we wanted to make sure they were understood simply. I worked to define an icon set that would enable Mattias and his team to communicate around the project and gather support.


We finished working on the Visual Identity and print collaterals before moving to the rest.  Mattias knew what information he wanted to share, but needed help on structuring them. I accompanied him in his reflection and propose a dynamic layout for his web pages, as to contrast with the blue and colder look. 

Showcasing the app, before it was created was possible using mock-ups and photoshoots in which we integrated the mockups later on. 

04 - the App development

When we worked on the logo concept, we kept in mind that it would have to look appealing and adaptable. 

Indeed it is used as the app icon, inside the app, on the website, and on all print collaterals.


Bringing it some depth through the use of gradient color, became a necessity when we discovered, how flat app icons disappeared in the background of devices. 

The app design started by mapping out all actions that were needed to set up and use the app. Then I worked on creating frames for each step, ensuring that each element was easily replicated to use on other frames.

The collaboration with the interaction designer, brought the design the needed movement, to make the app dynamic. Everything was thought of to combine the need to forget the traumatizing episode a close one was going through and seemless + easy daily usage.