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Born to make a life out of what I love, and what I love is everything made visually stunning, with the purpose of impactful & elegant success.

As a seasoned and professional Creative Director, I’ve had the privilege of working on a slew of intriguing and contemporary projects. In everything I do, I strive to bring together marketing + design to create unique solutions which will meet my customers' needs. Explore my work below and learn more about me.


SHOUYAO is a China-based fashion Streetwear brand & retail concept.

 Project handled by the Beau Concept Studio including but not limited to  Branding Identity + Marketing strategy +  Communication tools + Social Media Branding 


* Above logo is part of the non-selected logo proposals shown to the SH New Idea Team.  Final concept coming soon

 Award winning logo concept

Brandmark created for a Citizen Private initiative agency, in collaboration with Madrid City hall.  The Agency is dedicated to promoting Madrid abroad and seeks to bring a closer connection between Madrid townhall and the perception of the city, both in Spain and in the rest of the world.


This agency's name "Marca Madrid" (literally translated to "Madrid Brand") wanted to refresh their brand image as they are looking to widen their reach globally.



Taking part of the context, my work was presented and chosen by the Madrid City hall council, and the agency to represent their city.




From logo to packaging


Moirah, it's the story of Morrocan-made extra-virgin oil, wanting to make it's way to the Chinese Market. In China, a lot of things are fried, and all food ingredients are chosen for its nutrient value (Traditional medicine has a big impact).  Olive Oil, first introduced by the Italians, for both reason, has had great success.


With such a demand for high-quality olive oil, one of SCR Global trading customer had the wish to it's hand-picked, traditionally pressed Moroccan olive oil, as a premium product, with a premium packaging.


Latest work


THE WINE LADY is more than just a new wine delivery service, but the one stop assistant for women looking for a good wine sip in the Shanghai region. Created by a woman for women, The Wine Lady caters premium services and advice about the best way to choose, serve, and drink their favorite white, red or sparkly. 


After being identified as THE WINE LADY through her customers, Nathaly was determined to make it an advantage to demark herself from the competition. We work to turn THE WINE LADY into a unique brand created to directly target 30 something women and their wine needs, whether they are housewives, busy moms, or fabulous singles.


Modern, elegant yet playful, this linear logo was designed to mark the mind of customers through its simplicity + playfulness. Inspired by the Scandinavian design values, it is in opposition to the classical winery aesthetic.   Conveying freshness + femininity through its lightness, it pairs perfectly with pictures + text and is a delightful touch on accessories.




Nataly - CEO & Co-founder @ The Wine Lady

Visual Identity for event + Marketing Strategy

Sept. 2018- On going 

Thanks to Adja SY who introduced us to a real professional, Marjorie, she is outstanding! And Trustworthy! She will take the time to listen to you, will send you a questionnaire to draft you a concrete proposal of what she will accomplish, for the best of results.

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